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Multifamily Renovation and Repositioning

multifamily rebranding and respositioning
A renovation offers the perfect time to rebrand and attract a new audience Make the most of a multifamily renovation with a brand-new brand strategy and marketing position in order to attract a wider audience of potential renters.  Let Go A renovation-inspired rebranding requires letting go of your old story. Before the renovation, maybe you […]

All Signs Point Toward Yes: Attracting Renters with Signage

multifamily signage
Wowing and attracting renters begins with great signage We tend to take signs for granted, but a well-crafted signage program can make a huge difference in attracting renters and helping them engage with your community. A quality sign with a great design will literally bring people through your door. On the flip side, a bad […]

Rethinking Renter Demographics

rethinking renter demographics
How to reach new renter demographics Who is your ideal renter? Have you created renter personas to help drive your branding and marketing decisions? Whether you answered yes or no, you might need to revisit your assumptions about renter demographics. Why? Well, renters no longer fit neatly into the “young urban professional” label anymore. Remember […]

From Student Housing to Senior Living: Niche Multifamily Development

student housing multifamily development
Targeted multifamily development can meet new demographic needs Multifamily properties have traditionally targeted single, young professionals as the most sought-after renter demographic. However, as renter trends continue to change, multifamily development should keep pace.  Niche demographic 1: Students Off-campus student housing demand spiked in some areas following the pandemic. A need for more flexible, private […]

Renters by Choice in a Crazy Real Estate Market

renters by choice
How to reach renters by choice The residential real estate market across the country has entered what we would call crazy level. Low inventory, high listing prices and offers $100,000 to $1 million above asking would make your head spin in several key markets. One side effect of these high home prices and high demand […]