Creative Chemistry​

Creating and collaborating with multifamily leaders Since 2013 
Our History

Our creative chemistry ignited nearly two decades ago when the universe brought us together as the in-house creative team at a large multifamily REIT. Since founding Apres Creative in 2013, we have continued to create, collaborate and craft together.


Alchemist of Inspiration and lover of art

A design ace and, dare we say it…. creative genius, Sara uses a collaborative approach to advance a brand’s business objectives through creative design solutions. If “thinking outside the box” is a cliché, then Sara prefers to think outside all manner of geometric shapes (except maybe a hexagon, those are really underrated). Her end goal is always to create a new approach for each client that will set them apart from anything their competition is doing. Sara’s experience includes a wide range of national branding campaigns, web and graphic design, marketing strategy and creative implementations of sales strategies. 

Team Dynamics

Colorado Natives WOrking at Apres
Percentage of Employees who?
Percentage of Employees who?
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Creative Composer and Rock ‘N Roll Enthusiast 

As a former Creative Director at one of the largest multifamily development companies, Kim combines extensive experience with a creative outlook to deliver a collaborative, innovative, and entrepreneurial spirit to each project. Her passion is creating order from chaos and solving business problems through thoughtful design solutions.

Our Mantra

Deliver Delightful Design

Our Mission

To Be The Easiest Agency Partnership


Unicorn of Uniformity and Barre Babe

Coco Chanel said it best, “Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.” As an 19-year design veteran who loves to challenge the status quo, she’ll turn your project into a unicorn with perfectly placed stripes.