All Signs Point Toward Yes: Attracting Renters with Signage

Wowing and attracting renters begins with great signage

We tend to take signs for granted, but a well-crafted signage program can make a huge difference in attracting renters and helping them engage with your community.

A quality sign with a great design will literally bring people through your door. On the flip side, a bad sign will reflect poorly on your brand. This sign company explains:

“Quality signs bring in business, that’s the bottom line. The trick is to make sure that your sign is working with your business effectively. Poorly designed signs can turn customers away, or make them ignore your business completely.”

Your up-front investment in the right, quality signs will pay dividends down the road. 

Give the high sign 

From exterior building signs to interior wayfinding placards, signs help your potential renters and existing residents understand your brand and help them move comfortably around the community. 

Sign company xsign sums it up

“Signage is a key method of getting noticed by residents, visitors and the public. The quality of the signage is interpreted as representational of the quality of the brand. Examples include illuminated outdoor branding or inspiration wording in communal spaces.” 

Consider a visitor’s or new renter’s experience. Make their experience of the space easier by answering these key questions through signs:

  • Where do I park?
  • When can I find staff at the front desk?
  • Can I work out in the fitness center at midnight or 4 a.m.?
  • Where can I find a service elevator?
  • Can I bring my dog into the lobby cafe?
  • How do I reserve a coworking desk or use the copy machine?
  • Where do I recycle my cold brew cans? 

Walk through your community as if you were a brand-new resident and anticipate their information needs along the way. Also spend time with your front desk team: What questions do they receive from residents most often? Can a sign help answer those questions? 

Point renters toward yes 

Your community tour should make crystal clear that you need more signs than you imagined. 

Xsign goes on to explain how signs will work for you throughout your community: 

“Informational signage provides important information about the accommodation and its amenities. This can include notices about community events, parking, and gym hours, among other things. This helps residents feel more connected to their community and encourages use of the facilities. When incorporated as part of a broader architectural signage strategy, the signs will be on brand and made of good quality materials to reduce damage from wear and tear.”

These tips might feel super practical, and they are, but note the parts we highlighted in bold above. The right signs reflect quality and connection, which not-so-coincidentally reflect two of the top needs reported by renters. Who knew a sign could say so much?

Signs in the wild 

We are graphics nerds to a fault, and we take a stupid amount of photos of signs on our travels near and far. We love finding the good, the bad and the really ugly (and we, of course, imagine how we could do it better for our multifamily clients). 

Here are some of our favorite recent examples:

A sign can be your name in lights (even on the inside of your community):

multifamily signage

It can be a playful representation of your quirky brand:

multifamily signage

Or it can be a subtle and clean mark of luxury:

multifamily signage

A artist interpretation of your brand:

multifamily signage

It can clearly communicate the local vibe:

multifamily signage

Make a bold statement: 

multifamily signage

You can see from these diverse examples that signs can set a tone that leaves visitors with a clear sense of your brand and leaves them wanting to know more.

If you are ready to upgrade your branding and signage, reach out for a complimentary discovery call. We love to help multifamily brands find just the right vibe to connect with potential residents. 

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Sara Bess