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How to Think Like a Renter

think like a renter
How multifamily property managers can think like a renter As a property manager, it’s easy to get caught up in vacancy rates, rent cycles and spreadsheets as measures of business success. While you might feel tempted to gloss over the human part of the equation, when you think like a renter, you can uncover the […]

The Newest Multifamily Green Features

multifamily green features
Next-level multifamily green building with sustainable gardens Multifamily developers and property managers always want to know the latest trends. What do renters want and what will inspire them to renew leases year after year? One of the top priorities for many apartment residents is green spaces. In addition to other environmentally conscious elements, the multifamily […]

Using Color to Reach Your Ideal Renter

ideal renter
The right colors will impact how your ideal renter views your brand Color choice is an important step in any multifamily branding campaign. The right colors will help you reach your ideal renter while the wrong ones could miss the mark.  The power of color Humans react to their environments and form opinions within seconds […]