The Newest Multifamily Green Features

Next-level multifamily green building with sustainable gardens

Multifamily developers and property managers always want to know the latest trends. What do renters want and what will inspire them to renew leases year after year? One of the top priorities for many apartment residents is green spaces. In addition to other environmentally conscious elements, the multifamily green feature of the future could focus on compost and green waste management.

Community-friendly green design 

We learned a bit more about green waste management when our very own Pauline started researching something called a Subpod for her backyard. 

This super cool contraption is a next-gen compost bin that looks nothing like the plastic tumblers you might have seen. The Subpod becomes a part of the garden bed. It can support up to 330 pounds of weight, so it can double as a garden bench. Submerged in the soil, it breaks down organic waste and can directly feed the ornamental or edible plants in the surrounding garden plot. 

So, what does this garden feature have to do with multifamily properties? Plenty. Innovations like this one can help properties grow and maintain the high-quality landscaping residents want with a self-sustaining and environmentally friendly system. Residents can contribute food waste to the compost bins, which creates a win-win for them and for the property. 

In addition, some multifamily properties could choose to center their brand and design on a community garden concept.   

In this video, Australian landscape architect Richard Hammond discusses the benefits of multifamily green projects that use features like the Subpod. The narrator explains that Hammond: 

“…believes that lifestyle villages will now look like this, with food production and organic waste management all done on site.”

Multifamily green trends

The pandemic has caused a shift in the multifamily industry, and developers have started to place more emphasis on communal spaces and outdoor areas. According to rebusinessonline

“With the COVID-19 pandemic encouraging Americans to stay outdoors for gatherings in effort to reduce transmission of the virus, there is a greater emphasis on the outdoors and nature. Expect multifamily developers to focus more on bringing the outdoors in via building designs, floor plans and amenities. Large outdoor terraces and rooftop amenity areas are becoming increasingly prevalent in new projects, particularly those in urban environments.” 

Offthemrkt echoes this trend in this piece, which counsels prospective renters to seek out apartment homes with existing garden space: 

“In addition to the usual amenities, such as gyms and pools, gardens have risen in popularity. This shift follows gardening’s rise in popularity over the past few years, with 35% of Americans growing their own food.”

Multihousing News also points to outdoor spaces as a highly prized amenity in this March 2021 article

“Having access to green space on a property’s premises will be an important alternative for people who want to enjoy the outdoors but want to avoid more public recreation spaces. Outdoor lounge and grilling areas, for example, have always been attractive to residents but maybe were not used as often.”

Finally, many younger renters in the millennial and Gen Z categories see themselves as eco-conscious. As RentCafe describes here, that means they feel more connected with the broader community and the earth, and their buying and lifestyle decisions reflect that value set. 

Creating a green lifestyle brand

Green features and outdoor areas are no longer “nice to haves” for many apartment dwellers. For residents seeking ways to enjoy time with their neighbors safely, an outdoor space could be essential. 

In addition, the ability to enjoy the benefits of live plants or grow their own food will attract many renters who want an earth-friendly lifestyle. 

Multifamily properties that understand Americans’ desire to reconnect with their food and with the natural world can really develop a brand niche in this area. When prospective renters see your brand and know immediately that sustainability permeates your properties and company culture, they will connect with your brand on a deep, values-based level.

Ready to make a name for yourself as a green multifamily brand? Reach out to us. We specialize in multifamily branding and marketing that tells a compelling lifestyle story and reaches your most desired renters.

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