Creating a sense of community for renters

A sense of community for renters can help set your property apart from the competition

Do you remember your first apartment? Do you remember your neighbors there? Chances are, you remember the space or building well, but have a hard time recalling names or faces of your fellow renters. Today, a sense of community for renters is a key differentiator that will help your property attract and keep residents.

So, how do you develop that sense of community and market it?

Create common spaces

If you are building a new property, this step is a no-brainer. Renters will often opt for a smaller apartment, if the building has plenty of community spaces to make up the difference. These spaces should encourage mingling and community-building, as well as offer renters options for entertaining guests. Community spaces can include everything from a great poolside bar to on-site dog parks or even movie theaters.

Think lifestyle

We already mentioned dog parks, and pets are one important lifestyle factor to consider and market to renters. They are family, after all! Other ideas include: a community garden, sought-after fitness classes like Bodypump or yoga, studio space for arts, coworking spaces and more.

If you don’t know which lifestyle amenities your renters want, find out. Conduct a survey of current renters and do market research to hone in on the community features your target market really wants.

Host events

If your existing property has limited space for adding new amenities, then a great way to build a sense of community for residents is to host events. Cooking classes, art classes, singles mixers and more can help residents get to know each other better and develop connections.

These events don’t even have to be on-site: Assemble a group of residents for bike tours of the city or visits to local museums. Again, think about the lifestyle needs and wants of your renters when crafting your community event ideas.

Marketing your property

As always, if you offer something creative or unique in terms of community-building, that should play into your multifamily branding and marketing efforts. You are selling a lifestyle and not just space, so give it careful thought as you work on your marketing strategy.

To learn more about how we can help you create a unique identity and brand for your multifamily property, contact us. We specialize in elevating multifamily brands.

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