Creative Multifamily Marketing Tools

Bring new life to your community’s brand with these creative multifamily marketing tools

Where do most of your renters first encounter your community? Some of them might walk in off the street, but the vast majority will find you online first. So, make a great first impression by using a few of these creative multifamily marketing tools:


The online equivalent to a print brochure, flipbooks give your potential renters a peek inside your community and, maybe more importantly, your culture. Renters are looking for a place that feels like home. They want lifestyle; not just square footage or an in-unit washer/dryer (they still want those, don’t get us wrong, but they want a place that feels like theirs).

We recently partnered with Mill Creek Residential to create a series of e-magazines that translates their offerings across the screen beautifully. The first two flipbooks highlight the specs and details for their apartment home options, and the last two give renters a peek at their homey, down-to-earth culture:

  • Floor Plans


These books offer all the pertinent details about available floor plans, which lets potential renters start dreaming about where to show off their prized bobblehead collection and how to decorate their new home.

  • Essential Guide to Leasing and Moving


This piece offers a fun take on an often-boring and overwhelming topic: moving. The information is useful, but it is presented in a fun, punchy way.

  • For the Love of Pets


Ahh, now this is home, amiright? This image alone tells the story: Your beloved pet is welcome here (if you can’t read the fine print, that means even guinea pigs). It even gives tips on the best dog breeds for apartment living.

The point? Get creative with your flipbooks, use strong images and remember to sell lifestyle and not just a bullet list features.

Social Hub


A social hub on your website gives renters an inside peek into your neighborhood and community in real time. The hub pulls your social media feed into your website so you always have fresh content, and renters can feel like part of the conversation. Check out Modera Midtown’s social hub for inspiration.

Background Website Video

For another client, we used their valuable home page real estate to tell another visual story. When you land on Cottonwood Residential’s website, you are greeted by a series of short background videos with the tagline “Home At Last.” (Pictured at the top of the blog.)The videos portray work, play, family, pets and more, and they give potential renters an immediate sense of what it means to come home to one of these communities.

As you approach your multifamily marketing strategy, think experience. The images, videos and words you use can all help convince online browsers to take a closer look in person. Your marketing materials can be the first step in helping renters feel welcome and at home in your community.

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Sara Bess