Calm is the New Apartment Amenity

New apartment amenity needs include a sense of peace

Who doesn’t need a little more peace and quiet these days? Right? That’s why the hottest new apartment amenity might just be a sense of calm. 

As business owners, the Après team often seeks out mindfulness moments together. Over the years, we have enjoyed yoga and meditation, desert retreats, poolside Zen moments and more. These shared experiences leave us feeling refreshed and ready to take on our next big business goals.

For apartment residents, access to that sense of peace and calm at the end of a remote workday – or a long commute – can help them feel more at home in your multifamily community. 

Creating a calm atmosphere

Far from an afterthought, calm as an amenity means you have created a soothing, intentional atmosphere for residents. As Yield Pro wrote in its 2022 multifamily trend report

“Softer neutrals with hints of color bring calm into an environment. Woods, stone, natural fibers enliven the senses. Tactility plays an important role as well, we all want softness, but a feeling of safety and cleanability, not sterility, is also important. Natural fibers like wool offer that softness while using renewable resources that can be sanitized as needed.”

They note that the pandemic has made renters much more aware of cleanliness, but people also want to feel warm and welcome in a space. An apartment community needs to avoid creating cold, lab-like common areas. Use that stainless steel sparingly, ok? You can find a balance between cleanability and softness with a few strategic design decisions. 

Those soft, warm colors and textures will also play a role in your multifamily brand strategy. Think about the feeling of comfort and safety your website or social media feed can convey – and that visual story has the power to pull people in. 

Check out our clients for some inspiration. Each of these communities conveys a sense of calm: 

Whether your property nestles at the base of a mountain, overlooks a beach or sits in the middle of an urban hub, you can create an oasis amid the chaos of everyday life. 

Enhancing calm as an amenity

In addition to design and ambiance, you can add wellness-related features that enhance your property’s offering. Yoga and meditation rooms, or on-site classes, can add to the overall sense that residents can breathe more deeply and relax while at home.

In addition, small details can make a huge difference in how residents experience common spaces. Try: 

  • Peaceful music. Think about a spa experience: Nature or spa music can instantly relax both residents and staff. 
  • Water features. The sound and sight of water is soothing, and even small water features create impact. 
  • Hydration and nourishment. Food and water meet residents’ basic needs, and a carafe of lemon water or an offering of granola bars add an extra touch of care. 
  • Natural spaces. From skylights and soft lighting to on-site gardens or walking paths, natural spaces create the ultimate calm. 
  • Warmth. Especially for properties in cold locations, the addition of fireplaces, saunas or hot tubs can amp up your amenity offering. 
  • Connected experiences. Sometimes what people need most is a place to unwind and laugh with neighbors. On-site classes or hosted experiences allow residents to focus on something other than work or personal stress. 

In this always-on era, your residents long for a chance to unplug and unwind. In addition, the pandemic has left people more stressed and worried than ever, so basic needs of security and comfort are top-of-mind. As a multifamily community, you can create an oasis in the storm for your residents and develop a brand personality that includes a sense of calm. 

Ready to experience more calm in your own life? Let us handle your multifamily branding and marketing strategy to help you attract more renters. Reach out today to learn more.

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Sara Bess