Creating a Multifamily Concierge Concept

How multifamily concierge services appeal to renters

You want to feel like a VIP in your own life, right? We all do, and so do your multifamily residents. That means creating a feeling of belonging and ease that goes well beyond the latest physical amenities. Creating a multifamily concierge concept can deliver that something extra that will connect with potential renters on a deeper level. 

Multifamily Resident TLC

Above-and-beyond resident service can help you amp up your property manager game. 

As Multihousing News points out, multifamily properties have borrowed the concierge concept from the hospitality sector: 

“Concierge services, increasingly more common in luxury apartment communities, were borrowed directly from the hospitality industry. Whether it’s making reservations, handling package delivery or arranging for a babysitter, it’s all about raising the level of service for existing and prospective residents.” 

Here’s how some of the most common hotel concierge services can translate into a multifamily setting: 

  • Book a spa service. Ok, so you don’t have an on-site spa, but you can locate a mobile massage service or book an appointment at the wellness center down the street.
  • Print maps and provide directions. Your residents might not be travelers, but many of them are new to the area. As you connect them with local attractions, restaurants and entertainment, they will become bigger fans of the neighborhood and feel more a part of it. 
  • Arrange transportation. Think bike rentals and group rideshare discounts that make it easier for residents to recreate and get to work. 
  • Plan a special event. Whether you help a resident plan an on-site birthday party or find a local tavern with a room for rent, they will remember you as an important part of a special day. 
  • Conduct business away from the office. From printing services and couriers to coworking space, multifamily managers can make residents’ work lives run more smoothly. 
  • Protect valuables. Resorts have in-room safes while multifamily properties now provide secure package delivery. Peace of mind is priceless. 
  • Care for children and pets. Helping people find care and enriching activities for children or furkids is huge. Period. (Trust us, we parents are beyond thankful for any help we can get.)

Think about what’s nice to have while on vacation and then brainstorm with your team how you can recreate that in a residential setting. 

White-glove Service on a Budget

While white-glove service evokes images of high-end resorts and feeling pampered (ahh, in-room massages and mimosas…), “concierge” does not have to be synonymous with “luxury.” You can provide tailored services that add ease and comfort to your residents’ lives and stick to a budget. 

ApartmentGuide points out some helpful differences between a hotel concierge and multifamily concierge: 

“Hotels have short-term visitors so they do not develop deep relationships with the concierge. At an apartment, the concierge and resident will usually develop a friendly relationship as they will see each other every day, sometimes several times a day.

Likewise, the services offered can vary. The concierge staff at hotels will provide tips to their clients and help them get to know the local area better. They can help book spa treatments or tickets to local attractions.

A residential concierge will do things like book reservations or schedule the plumber to come and fix the pipes for residents.”

Think of your multifamily concierge as a resident service specialist. They provide individual, task-oriented services that both free up time for front desk team members and improve resident satisfaction.

Get Creative

Some creative ideas for your concierge could include: 

  • Guided neighborhood tours. Take a group of new residents on a stroll of the neighborhood to help them meet other newbies and to become more familiar with the area. 
  • Delivery service set-up. If your area has specific vendors and providers for groceries, organic meat/produce, specialty foods, alcohol, take-out meals or more, people new to the area will benefit from help with finding and setting up these services.
  • Move-in support. Moving creates stress. Having someone on-site who can help with utility appointments and package handling will help new residents feel safer and more welcome.
  • Sense of safety. A concierge posted in the lobby helps residents feel more safe and secure 

Adding a concierge or concierge services can help streamline processes for your people as well. Designating one team member as the concierge service provider will help create more distinct roles for everyone on the team. 

Resident Service and Multifamily Branding 

Finally, don’t forget about branding if you do decide to adopt a multifamily concierge model. This added level of service should feature heavily in your brand story and supporting marketing strategy. 

As the National Apartment Association reminds us, your brand should help establish and maintain relationships with current and future residents: 

“The apartment industry has moved into a time where emotional connectedness to the brand is more important for resident retention than resident satisfaction. Current and future residents need to see that where they live has a strong element of neighborhood and community, so it feels like home.”

Incorporating images and messaging about your next-level concierge service will show residents that you take that relationship seriously. As you deliver on the branding promise of resident care and connection, that relationship will grow. In time, those happy residents who have built a personal connection with your concierge and on-site team will become your biggest source of referral marketing. 

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