Our Recent Work: Design Reflects Personality and Place


When multifamily design reflects personality and place, it communicates a sense of home

The past several months have brought a dramatic shift to the world. For many of us, we now fully appreciate the value of home and the comforts it provides. In the multifamily industry, we must remember that our primary focus is people – not real estate. When multifamily design reflects personality and place, it helps connect people with a sense of home that draws them in.

We have had the incredible fortune recently to work on some great projects that have allowed us to put that idea into practice. These properties go beyond the basics for their residents, and we had a blast working with these clients to create just the right brand personalities and brand stories:

Union Pointe

Union Pointe Website - Apres Creative

We partnered with Keystone Real Estate, Brinkman and Greystar as this community came to fruition. Our teams worked together seamlessly in what seemed like an effortless flow. We loved the collaboration, and it’s the kind of project that brings out our inner geeks.

Union Pointe Website - Apres CreativeThis property offers residents a unique and special blend of sleek, modern architecture with a backdrop of natural and serene beauty. Located near Longmont’s Union Reservoir, this apartment community gives residents access to water recreation, including kayaking and paddleboard yoga.

As we worked to develop the community’s brand personality, we knew we had to communicate its approachability and comfort. From color and texture choices to layouts and fonts, every design choice reflects this property’s standout lifestyle. Read more.


Timber Website - Apres Creative

Timber had already established its brand presence in Boulder’s emerging S’Park neighborhood, but needed help reflecting that brand on its website and in an e-brochure (two of our specialties). Working for our client, The John Buck Company, we partnered with Campfire Digital to create a stunning, user-friendly site that spoke to Timber residents’ desire for “less commuting, more communing.”

Timber Brochure - Apres CreativeThe ebrochure fits in with the website’s overall sleek design and emphasis on lifestyle selling points. It invites prospective renters to kick off their shoes and learn what it means to truly become part of Boulder – a destination like no other in the country. An onsite bike repair room and dog wash? I mean, it doesn’t get more Boulder than that.

Addressing Future Multifamily Needs

As we all spend more time at home, we demand more from our space. We need home to meet needs beyond sleep and sustenance. It needs to serve as a functional work space, a welcoming pet retreat, a creative zone, a social hub and a launchpad for all of our hobbies and recreational activities. More than any other property type, apartment communities have the ability to meet the different facets of our full lives.

We have witnessed how multifamily developers continue to rise to that challenge, and both Timber and Union Pointe demonstrate how to deliver a sought-after lifestyle. We look forward to working with future clients on how to best understand resident needs and how to communicate the unique lifestyle that each community offers.

Need help creating a lifestyle brand personality? Reach out to us to learn how our years of experience in multifamily branding and marketing can work for your property.

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