Texture and Shape in Design


Texture and shape in design give your marketing materials life and depth

For our final installment in our series on the key elements of design, we saved one of the best for last. Oh, we love color, font and perfect layouts (of course!), but textures and shape in design  stories are often unsung heroes.

For interior designers or artists, texture and shape take a 3-D, tactical form. The way an object looks and feels in all dimensions can dramatically change the way a viewer reacts to it.

In graphic design, our challenge is to create that effect in a two-dimensional format. When we find just the right texture and shape, the whole design pops off the page.

Shape that tells the story

A recent client project of ours shows how a simple shape can serve many functions within a brand story. For Heritage at Silver Spring, we transformed the H in their name to create a compelling shape and pattern that mimics the crown moulding throughout the property’s interior design:


The shape is not random, and it gives the viewer a sense of the history and architecture they can expect to find at this renovated 1920s building. It’s modern with a sense of age-old mystery.

Texture to convey mood and personality

In another example from our portfolio, we show how texture can set a mood and tone for your audience. Just seeing the image below shows this property’s personality: It’s design-conscious and classy, but comfortable and welcoming.


The texture of the reclaimed wood jumps out from the page and invites potential renters to come inside. The photo layout in the marketing piece makes use of several additional textures that speak to the community’s live-work-play lifestyle. It’s a brand that could become a friend because it hits the right notes for someone’s quality-of-life musts.

Communicate the setting with texture

Boulder, Colorado is well-known for its stunning location and natural beauty, and the town’s Parc Mosaic community needed materials that reflected that setting.


We draw so much inspiration from Mother Nature, the master of design, and natural elements in branding and marketing can place people at ease instantly. There’s something so peaceful and mysterious about the texture. Together with the mosaic/botanical logo, the branding for this property lets potential renters know that they fit with the flow of this community.

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