Signs that It’s Time to Rebrand

How do you know it’s time to rebrand?

Have you ever been at a networking event and frozen when someone asks for your business card? If they take your business card, you think, they will see your website. Oh, the horror! That’s just one of many signs that it’s time to rebran.

You would be surprised how many people feel sheepish about their website or logo. You know you need to market your business, but an outdated brand could hold you back from spreading the word as much as you should.

The signs:

An ugly website

Beyond aesthetics, an ugly website can harm your chances with a prospective buyer. Thirty-eight percent of people will leave your site if it has a bad design or layout, and 88 percent will never return to a bad site (source).

You cannot afford to lose those prospects. Your website should serve as your virtual gateway, and first impressions matter — a lot. If you have found yourself hesitant to share your business card or website address, it’s time to fix it.

A murky elevator pitch

When someone asks about your business, do you drone on for several minutes trying to explain all the intricacies of your business model? If so, you might need some public speaking lessons, sure, but it’s also likely your brand needs some new messaging.

Part of a developing a strong brand includes succinct, memorable messages that leave your listener with a clear idea of your business. Your messages should convey a personality, and they should stand for something. If you don’t know what you stand for, then you need to rethink your brand.

Blending in

Most of our clients sit in the multifamily space. Multifamily properties need to stand out. Period. When you are selling a home and the promise of a dream lifestyle, you simply cannot be one more shade of beige on the block.

You blend in too much if:

  • Your logo looks like all your competitors’ marks
  • You don’t have a distinct target market
  • Your tagline and messages don’t tell a story that draws in buyers
  • You focus solely on price to make the sale, rather than selling lifestyle

Branding can go a long way toward developing a relationship with potential buyers. You want them to think “this place is for me” the first time they see your logo, your website or your marketing materials.

Missing the mark

We mentioned above that lack of a distinct target market makes you blend in. More importantly, if you’re going after exactly the same demographic as all your competitors, you could lose out on other prospects.

Get really clear about what your brand offers buyers, and then take time to hone your target market. If you have been going after millennials with few results, maybe it’s time to target baby boomers. Consider the lifestyle your brand offers, and develop design and messages that speak to that group on a visceral level.

To learn more about Après Creative’s approach to multifamily marketing and design, contact us. We help multifamily brands stand out and develop unique positions in the marketplace.

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Sara Bess