Multifamily Social Media Strategy: Make the Most of Summer

Create a successful multifamily social media strategy

Summer is a great time to capture incredible lifestyle images on your property, and these images can create a foundation for your multifamily social media. 

Looking Good

Summer is Instagram-ready: Poolside drinks, leafy shade trees, flowers in all their splendor – and people showing off their best resort fashion. 

Your residents want the world to know how great they look – and how good they’ve got it. If your community offers them a perfect TikTok backdrop, then you need to show it off. Yes, looks matter, and your social media feeds should highlight your property’s goods. 

What are the goods you can highlight with photos and videos?

  • The pool, cabanas and deck chairs
  • Your trendy lounge, complete with a summer cocktail
  • The view from your top-level balconies
  • On-site art, murals and interesting design features
  • That lush rooftop garden
  • Cute pets enjoying the sun at your on-site dog park
  • Residents enjoying outdoor community events
  • Your building at sunset or against the striking blue sky
  • Smiling team members

Photos and videos tell the stories that people crave, and they are the best way to connect with potential renters looking for their next home base.  

Living it Up

In addition to showing off your property’s visual assets, think about the lifestyle story you want to create on social media. That story can include all of the property features we mentioned above, but also think creatively about how to showcase the feeling residents have in your community. 

For example, if you want to reach active professionals, your social feed might include: 

  • People biking the nearby nature trail
  • A vibrant town center where people dine and shop outside 
  • Music and art festivals that draw creative crowds

Think beyond professional photo shoots and canned images. Task your team with snapping interesting photos around the property and the neighborhood. Have them share close-up details and long-shot panoramic shots – whatever speaks to them and helps give a full picture of the property and the surrounding community. 

A mix of interesting and compelling photos and videos will help attract attention to your band. According to Multifamily Executive

“At the end of the day, most of today’s top social platforms are all about the visuals. And the better a post looks? The more it’s shared, and the wider audience it can reach.”

Liberating Your Inner Tourist

Tourism offices tend to be great at creating a curated mix of images that help showcase a community’s key assets. Take a look at this Instagram page for Boulder, Colorado, for example:

lifestyle marketing multifamily

They do a great job posting a mix of natural surroundings, fun events and visual details that give a clue about the area’s unique personality. 

Think of your multifamily social media feed as a mini tourism site. Think about what would draw someone to visit your town. Then dive a little deeper to uncover what would make a person choose to live there. As a multifamily brand, your job is to create a sense of home, comfort, fun, luxury…or whatever words best represent your brand. In order to do that, you need to think outside the four walls of an apartment unit. 

One of our clients, The District Flats, strikes this balance well on Instagram:

multifamily social media

Their feed shows off the property itself, but most importantly shows the area (hello, beautiful beach!) and images that evoke a range of emotions. The roses hint at love and romance. The football and pizza bring up thoughts of family, friends and fun. And dogs, cats and other furry/feathered/scaled friends are a no-brainer. If your community is pet-friendly, pet photos are social media gold. 


Apartment Therapy recently shared an article advising renters to use TikTok and other social media as an apartment search tool. They suggested this search tactic: 

“When it comes to starting your search for a great leasing agent on TikTok, the search bar is your best friend. Search queries should include the information you’re looking for, starting with ‘leasing agent + (locale).’ Searching ‘Leasing Agent San Francisco,’ for example, will point you toward accounts run by local leasing agents. Most agents use their accounts to provide apartment hunters with tips and tricks to get the most out of the rental process…”

If someone takes this advice in your city, will your property or leasing team pop up in search results? 

An added bonus to creating a leasing agent social media profile: giving your property a human face. When people can interact with another human on social media while getting to know your brand, they begin to develop a relationship well before the apartment tour. 

Your social media feed could become a primary driver of leads, if handled correctly, and you can use it to streamline the tour and lease processes as well. 

Is your property Insta-ready? If not, we can help. We specialize in creating world-class design, marketing and branding strategy for multifamily properties nationwide. Reach out today to learn more.

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