9 Multifamily Marketing Ideas to Close Out the Year


Boost your renter pipeline with these marketing ideas 

Regardless of your current occupancy rate, you always need to think about maintaining a full renter pipeline. These multifamily marketing ideas will help you reach new prospects and stay top-of-mind with existing leads. 

From fundamental to fun, here are 9 ways to increase traffic and generate more renter leads:

1. Maximize your website. 

According to the National Association of Realtors, 97 percent of people searching for a new place started with an Internet search. 

Your website needs to be stellar. It should include the right keywords to meet prospective renters where they are in their buyer journey. High-quality images should draw in browsers and tell them an instant visual story about your brand. Added features like interactive flipbooks and virtual tours can give renters an idea of your property’s vibe before they ever step foot on-site. Of course, you should include compelling calls-to-action and ways to capture information so your team can follow up.

2. Develop a resident referral program.

If you have high resident retention, then you likely have a built-in fan base. Happy residents want to tell others about their awesomesauce (do people still say that?) apartment – even more so if you offer them an incentive. Your incentives should match your budget and can include anything from gift cards to rent credits or amenity upgrades. Be creative and think about what would motivate residents at your property. 

3. Go social.

Apartment design makes for stunning social media fodder, so make the most of it. Instagram and Pinterest are great places to develop a following and stage thoughtful marketing campaigns. You can also situate your property as an expert on your neighborhood and city and become a go-to source for local flavor. Have a pro help you with your visuals and create a consistent brand look and feel.

4. Feature your people.

Renters want to connect with people, not faceless brands. Find ways to showcase your on-site staff through live videos, featured content in resident newsletters, live events and more. Relationship-building is a great way to ensure resident satisfaction. 

5. Events for residents and their friends. 

Residents need a sense of community, and resident events help promote that. If you open those events to residents’ friends and family, then you increase your potential marketing lease. Host a food truck event in the parking lot or have a local chef do a cooking demonstration in the lounge. Big or small, resident events help people feel more welcome and connected to their community. Need some creative ideas? Check out this list

6. Resident hubs, newsletters and texts.

Resident communication has taken on new life in recent years. From resident-only hubs on your website to text updates, there’s no excuse to not communicate with your community. Good communication lays the foundation for resident retention. Create fun, interesting content that your residents actually want to read. If you host a resident hub, encourage residents to chat and interact with each other there. 

7. Use virtual platforms strategically.

Not only do virtual platforms allow people to practice social distancing, if needed or desired, they allow you to expand your reach. A virtual open house, for example, lets you show off your property to many renters at once – and even long-distance prospects considering a move to your area can join in. 

8. Gather and use resident testimonials.

If you have happy residents, make sure the world knows it. Ask for their reviews on social sites and testimonials to use on your website and in marketing materials. Always respond to reviews, both negative and positive. Your responses show prospective renters that you are engaged and care about the people in your community. 

9. Encourage user-generated content. 

Host social media challenges that encourage residents to share photos of life in your community or neighborhood. You can even offer non-residents incentives for sharing photos of apartment tours or open houses. Getting other people talking about your property and brand helps boost credibility and increase your following. 

Need more ideas for refreshing your multifamily brand and marketing strategy? You’re in luck. That’s exactly what we do. Check out our portfolio and full service offering, and then reach out. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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