Using Design to Reach Renters

Design and style tell a story when trying to reach renters

Where do you find most of your multifamily leads? With the vast majority of renters starting their search online, chances are good that your leads came through your website. Now, consider how best to reach renters at any of the entry points that might have led to your website. 

Great design will help you stand out on a variety of platforms by telling a visual story. That story will speak to renters on a gut level before they ever read a word on your website or talk to your leasing agent.

General search

Many would-be multifamily residents begin their apartment hunt on a general search engine, such as Google or Bing. A search like “apartments near me” might then lead them to a map where they can find homes in their targets neighborhoods.

Then what? Then they might get a search result like the one below:

The map and location are only one piece of the puzzle. What really matters in this search result is the column on the far left. Each community in the search zone will show up as a card with additional details, including featured photos.

The community at the top, Revel, is one of our clients in Aurora, Colorado. That community is currently in the lease-up phase and under construction, but the listing features incredible design that will draw in potential renters. This property team has taken full control of its online presence and has ensured that beautiful renderings and vibrant photos show up wherever renters might search. 

Dedicated search

If a prospect doesn’t click on the map, their initial search might lead them to a dedicated apartment or real estate listing site.

Here’s how another of our clients, Sugarmont in Salt Lake City, appears on one dedicated apartment listing site:

Again, great design tells a story here and draws a potential renter to take the next step of reaching out to the property and scheduling a tour. 

Social media

Another common entry point for many renters is social media, and here’s where you can have a little fun. Think creatively about what your social feed says about: 

  • Your brand
  • The lifestyle you offer
  • Your ideal renter persona
  • Anything that sets you apart from other multifamily accounts 

You can post your floorplans, but keep those to a minimum. Remember that people respond to lifestyle. They want to see themselves in your images. They want to relate to your brand before they click “like” or “follow.”

Our client, Latitude 45 in Minneapolis, has a strong social media presence and a clear brand identity across all of its channels. Take a look at its Instagram and Pinterest profiles:

Latitude45 applies its brand persona and color palette (that we developed for them – we love that orange!) across all channels to tell a cohesive story. Without reading any of the captions on the images above, you can tell that Latitude 45 offers its residents: 

  • Casual comfort 
  • Attention to details and finishes 
  • Pet-friendly living 
  • Modern design
  • Green elements and well-designed outdoor spaces
  • An invitation to sit, relax and enjoy 
  • Community 
  • Celebration 

As an aside, their online reviews from residents are stellar – a testament to the fact that they live up to their brand promise. They consider the customer journey at every stage, from pre-lease through long-term resident lifestyle and satisfaction. 

Your website

Finally, your prospective renter makes it to your website. Does your design continue the story and encourage an ongoing conversation with each new resident? 

Our client, Timber in Boulder, uses simple phrasing and strong lifestyle images that support its walkable, Boulder-living promise:

Consider how each image, graphic, color and phrase guides a potential renter through the next step of the customer journey. What do they need to schedule a tour and make a decision to rent? 

Ready to up your design game and reach renters where it counts? Contact us to begin a collaborative design journey with our experienced team. Multifamily is what we do. Let us help you stand out from the crowd.

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