What Makes Your Multifamily Property Unique?


Creating a unique brand for your multifamily property

If you don’t know what makes your multifamily property special, then you will never have a standout brand. And creating a brand that helps you stand apart from the competition makes the rest of your life easier as a property manager. 

Standout brand vs. bland

Think back to your teen years. Did your mom or grandma try to convince you that the plain canvas sneakers from the discount store were “just as good” as the Air Jordans or those killer, hot pink Doc Martens? (Hey, parents and grandparents everywhere, they’re not.)

Or did you ever draw with those waxy, dollar store crayons that could never compete with Crayola? And while we may enjoy the cover band, they will never ever be as good as the original, amiright? (Ledbetters, Kim loves ya, but you are not Pearl Jam).

You want to be the original – not the knockoff. You want to be the one others want to imitate, and you want to set the standard for sought-after apartment communities for your target renter.

How to uncover your brand’s star power

So, how do you become the star performer and not the tribute brand? (Ha! See what we did there?)

Start with what you have in this moment: 

  • Location. If you sit in a hot neighborhood, lucky you. Don’t be shy about playing up all of its assets and claiming them as your own. 
  • Features. Cool architecture, funky art, gardens and green spaces, coworking space, etc. Look beyond standard amenities when trying to determine what contributes to your brand. 
  • Amenities. Ok, and definitely add in the amenities: Pet spa? Infinity pool? Community space for rent? Great – talk about them all. 
  • People. Have a top-notch on-site team? Talk about them. Coolest residents ever that everyone wants to meet? Yep, spread the word. 

Now, keep in mind that your brand is not a brochure. To give it star power, you need to think of it as a personality. Simply listing floorplan options and creating a bulleted list of amenities doesn’t help your potential renter connect with your brand on a deeper level. 

If you were writing a dating profile for your multifamily property, what would you say to make it past date zero? That’s the secret to star power (and staying power). 

It’s ok to be weird (or even just colorful)

Go ahead and buck the trends. 

Your brand doesn’t have to be completely wacky, but please can we do away with the white-on-gray approach to design and branding? Like the home design shows on your favorite cable network, we have all seen the renovations that attempt to create a modern, marketable design – and they inevitably end up gray. Be the pink, or yellow, or green, or plaid, you know? 

Check out a couple of our recent client projects for some more colorful ideas: 

Burano – straight-from-the beach gold and turquoise:

Lariat – warm, modern terra cotta and rich tones from the American West:

Whatever your color palette or design aesthetic, the key is that it presents as unique. Your residents want to feel like they are part of something special when they choose to live in your community. If your brand and your community feel too generic, you’re not likely to turn residents into long-term fans. 

Ready to stand out? Reach out to us to learn more about our complete design, branding and marketing services for multifamily properties across the country. Let us help you create something truly special.

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Sara Bess