Toss the Cookie Cutter: Inspired Multifamily Design

Inspired multifamily design creates a branding foundation

Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it right. Ooh, boy, did we just channel Mom with that opening line? You betcha, and your mom wants you to embrace inspired multifamily design rather than a boring imitation of someone else’s brand, ok?

Yawn vs. Yes!

multifamily_designFollowing the brand and design trends of other multifamily communities becomes a bit like Joanna Gaines’ famous “Fixer Upper” design go-tos: “Add shiplap to every surface and paint it white.”

Hey, it might look nice, but what if your brand is more of a “Drench it in yellow and add loud art” type?

multifamily design

Each brand should be as unique as each person, and a cookie-cutter approach to branding and design won’t wow potential renters.

Just Be You

You don’t need to have an edge or embrace bright colors to stand out. You do have to create a brand image and color palette that reflects your property’s unique value. Your design choices, from interiors to marketing materials, should reflect a distinctive personality.

More importantly, that brand personality should resonate with the people you have identified as ideal renters. In many cases, that means drawing on your location – from the natural setting to the unique features that make the neighborhood tick. 

For example, this article on Multifamily Executive made us look twice. After years of gray-on-gray, buttoned up design everywhere we turned, the images of a multifamily community in Minnesota popped from the page:


This interior design scheme relies on an eclectic, kitschy mix of patterns, textures and objects that you might find at your grandparents’ cabin at the lake – and it just works. It gives residents and visitors a sense of casual comfort and ease, and it provides unexpected moments that will prompt a smile or conversation. 

Marketing Personality 

Potential renters want to see personality before they ever step foot on your property. If you present that personality well on your website and in marketing materials, you will book more pre-lease appointments.

For example, take a look at how one of our clients, Mason at Alameda Station, presents its central Denver multifamily community. Its stunning photo gallery and 3D tour feature walks potential residents through newly designed community spaces and individual units.

multifamily design


The site also does a great job of showcasing the property’s incredible location: a trendy, central business district with easy access to dining options, transportation and incredible recreation opportunities.

That view, the sunset and that fireplace! Who wouldn’t want to hang out there after work? And the clubhouse inside offers a casual, welcoming retreat with distinctive design touches like the graphic city-inspired wallpaper juxtaposed with the lush purple velvet banquette seating or the rustic pool table.  

Great design and branding require a thoughtful and inspired approach. Copying another successful brand’s style and personality will only leave people asking, “Who wore it better?” Better to stand out with your own, memorable look and story. 

Need a new brand personality? Look no further. The Après Creative team will collaborate with you to create a branding and marketing strategy that showcases your multifamily property’s unique value. Reach out today.

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