How Customer Service Fuels Project Success

The way a firm handles customer service fuels project success

We have been thinking a lot lately about what goes into successful projects. We recently celebrated five years in business, and we would not have reached that milestone without a series of wins in our work. We truly believe that customer service fuels project success, and we pride ourselves on placing our clients at the center of our collaborative process.

Customer service and project success

Have you ever worked with a professional know-it-all? We all have, right? It’s an incredibly frustrating process to work with someone who won’t listen to your ideas or questions. Or worse, someone who treats you like a complete idiot.

Yes, you might have sought out this person specifically for his or her expertise, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a voice at all in your project. If you hire an interior designer to redo your kitchen, but she’s thinking industrial modern while you want cozy country, that project will likely end in disaster – unless the designer tunes into you and your needs.

The same holds true for business projects. You know your company’s vision and voice best, and a skilled professional will be able to apply his or her expertise to help you better express that voice. In a successful project, that means collaboration and customer service. It means the professional works with you, communicates with you and checks in with you along the way.

Someone who is great at customer service doesn’t wait for the customer to call, but reaches out proactively to share updates and solicit feedback.

A customer who likes working with you will come back and will tell his friends all about you. In some cases, in our experience, they might even become honorary family.

There’s something so special about a strong working relationship where all parties treat each other like human beings. It might be business, but it’s about people at the end of the day.

Our approach to customer service

The video above quotes Jeff Bezos as saying:

“Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

As branding and marketing professionals, we know that statement to be all too true. We strive to treat our own clients with such care that they sing our praises when we’re out of earshot. We also work with our clients to create multi-family brands known for client care and customer satisfaction.

If you have worked with us before, you know that the word “collaboration” comes up constantly. We don’t just talk about it, but we live it every day in our work. No project begins or ends without the client’s direct participation.

What’s more, we encourage two-way communication. If something isn’t going well, or if a client is confused about a project’s direction, we want to know right away. Our goal is not simply completion of a project, but real satisfaction with the end product.

Like a fine wine and a good cheese, our design careers have been paired with delivering exceptional customer service. We listen, we are responsive and we are accessible to our clients during the entirety of a project.

Then comes the sweet finish. Our collaborative approach is much like making a cake: We layer on deliverables early in the process to ensure we are on the same page with our clients. The first layers include visual mood boards and detailed personas to set the foundational direction of the project. Once we get to the brand look and feel, there are no surprises because we have brought our clients along with us on our creative journey and they have co-created it with us.

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