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Okay, World Wide Web. We have some things to share. Most days, we’re neck deep in this world of multifamily property branding and design. Here and there, we’ve gleaned some useful insights; maybe by osmosis, maybe be working really, really hard to the best at what we do.

So, we thought we’d share. If you’re in this world of multifamily property management, you might find a few things that’ll make your job easier. We’ll be sharing our insights on the state of the industry, changing trends, new branding initiatives and other great info that will make you seem like a genius when you share it during your next strategy meeting. Hey, that’s what we’re here for. No thanks necessary. Just send us some chocolate-covered strawberries when you get promoted, and we’ll call it even.

Or perhaps you’re just a fan of design and branding. Well, you’re in luck, too. We’ll be sharing new design ideas, case studies, project info and tales from the trenches. This space will be like one big inspiration blender ready to churn out an all-powerful, super-boosted smoothie of design brilliance (or a margarita machine spinning out high-proof design wisdom—whatever your pleasure).

So bookmark the page come on back to share the journey. Should be fun and useful, just like Après Creative Group.

Wait, wait, wait. Maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You probably want to know who we are, and what makes us such experts in this field. Okay, here’s the scoop:

Our humble beginnings

The fearless Après trio—Pauline, Kim and Sara—originally met while working for a large multifamily management and property development company. While there, we learned the ins and outs of marketing apartment communities and honed our communications and design expertise.

We also discovered that we loved working with each other, and we quickly built an extremely collaborative and productive working relationship. The camaraderie and collaboration showed in our work, and we were able to accomplish some amazing things, win some awards and build something truly special. We’re not going to use the term “Design Dream Team,” but, hey, we won’t be offended if you choose to throw that description around!

Then things changed, as they tend to do in this crazy life. Our company was acquired, and the resulting corporate shakeup left us at a crossroads of our work and our careers. So we made the bold decision to move on as a group and build something upon the ashes of the foundation we’d worked so hard to establish.

Après Creative Group became our “what’s next.” The word “après” (pronounced “ah-prey”) means “after” in French, and the Après Creative Group is our after. It signifies the next phase of our creative collaboration; and a new level of creative service that we’re able to provide to our clients in the multifamily and property development industry.

Who we are

Respect, camaraderie, creativity and fun meet in our leadership and design team. We collaborate to create thoughtful and impactful designs, and forward-thinking campaigns for our clients. We are: Pauline Colamatteo, Kim Ziereis and Sara Bess.

Our strengths and passions combine to create a wonderful balance of innovative design, well-informed strategy and attention to detail for clients. We have built a boutique-style agency that incorporates fun and trust, which sets the stage for some truly creative thinking, not to mention a strong dedication to client satisfaction.

What we do

By virtue of our direct experience in the multifamily industry, the Après partners bring a unique set of skills and insight to clients in this space. Quite simply, we get this industry. We understand the need for unique branding, strategic marketing and quick turnaround to reach potential renters in a competitive marketplace. This field is growing faster than a weed garden doused in industrial fertilizer.

In 2016, we’re seeing another record year of growth, and multifamily housing demand is at all-time high. Within that fast-moving environment, there is a need to distinguish each property with a branded experience that appeals to the target demographic. Each property—from starter apartments to luxury glass towers in the sky—has a unique flavor, and we specialize in bringing that out.

In addition to multifamily, we have had the pleasure of developing branding and collateral for some unique start-up brands in other industries, including food delivery services and salons. We have lived the start-up experience ourselves, and we enjoy sharing our skills, experience and, most importantly, moral support with other new business owners. For those clients, we help launch brand identities that hit just the right note for a successful start.


Stay tuned for future blog posts. We look forward to geeking out with you about great design, branding and creative business strategies. Be sure to follow us on social media (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) and check back at apreascreative.com for new updates.

See you soon!

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