Multifamily Branding Takes Effort and Strategy

Multifamily branding takes more than a quick discussion over coffee

We have had the great fortune of working with some of the best teams in the multifamily business. We are so happy to share this article written by a star of one of those teams, LinnellTaylor Marketing. In this piece, Samantha Chalmers beautifully outlines just how much strategy goes into multifamily branding.

Chalmers writes:

“A brand, whether portfolio wide, regional, or individual to each community, might seem secondary to operational efficiencies and amenity packages. But make no mistake: One of the most crucial elements of your portfolio is your brand.”

She highlights some key elements in the branding process that some multifamily properties might be tempted to skip or rush through, including:


Importantly, Chalmers stresses the need for outside input to inform branding decisions. Tools like focus groups and surveys that help distill consumers’ wants and needs. That information will help a multifamily brand determine what resonates with a target group, from colors to word choice.

For example, we helped develop a logo and branding direction for Modera by Mill Creek (also mentioned in Chalmers’ article). We created 20 different creative directions for the logo, and the Modera executive team sought input from 15,000 Mill Creek residents and employees before choosing the final design. That effort generated 1,300 responses, which meant the community had a lot of buy-in around that brand identity.

Messaging Strategy

Once you have laid the foundation with research, you can begin developing a messaging strategy. You don’t want to simply repeat what your competitors are doing – you need to stand out as an appealing and different choice for prospective renters.

Writes Chalmers:

“The most critical part of the messaging strategy is differentiation. The reality is that virtually every market is saturated with competitors and surrounded by new supply. So how do you stand out? This is often where the brand can offer the most value. When developed and executed effectively, your brand sets you apart from your competitors and elevates the lifestyle of your portfolio or individual community.”

Brand Identity

While a brand’s external identity might begin with your logo, colors and signage, it goes much deeper than that. Every touch point in your organization, from your website to your service staff, helps carry your brand’s overall identity. It takes intention and dedication to ensure that your brand identity remains consistent throughout the organization and property.

Implementation Strategy

Implementation strategy helps carry your brand and message beyond the doors of your property.

It helps you reach your target audience and bring prospective renters to you. It is a multi-pronged approach that includes, according to Chalmers:

“…lead generation, the community website, social media, ratings and reviews, public relations, printed collateral, signage, outreach, event marketing, and local business partnerships.”

To read the full article, visit Multifamily Executive.

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