Goals with Soul for the New Year


Starting the New Year with intention

We ended 2016 focused on mindfulness, after a wonderfully refreshing company retreat in the Arizona desert, and we are carrying that feeling into the New Year.

We spent that December retreat meditating, zip-lining, relaxing in the spa and enjoying each other’s company and conversation. It was so great to slow down and connect with each other without logos and websites floating about, and it allowed us to begin 2017 reinvigorated and with a renewed perspective.


The three of us don’t really set resolutions, but work toward what we like to call “goals with soul” (with a tip of our hats to Danielle LaPorte for the phrase). With great intention, our work and our personal pursuits carry deeper meaning and purpose for each of us. From our never-ending quest to find the perfect cup of espresso or challenging ski run to delighting our clients with excellent work, we connect with goals that bring a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

In addition, connection informs so much of our work at Après. We don’t just work for our clients – we work with them. That emphasis on collaboration drives us and helps us tap into more creativity and inspiration. We also connect creatively and professionally as a team, and we believe that leads to more thoughtful and beautiful work.

As we wrap up our fourth year in business together, our goal is to build on this foundation of connection, intention and soul. We want our business and our work to be a living, breathing entity that gives rise to beautiful design and branding for our clients.

Thank you for the life you help bring to our efforts, and we look forward to connecting with you even more in the year ahead. To learn more about our company and our work, contact us today.

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Sara Bess