The Best of the Season

Après Creative wishes you the best of the season

In true Colorado fashion, we experienced below-zero temps early this week, but we are enjoying some sunshine and highs in the 40s today. With the Winter Solstice on Wednesday, the sun begins its return to our hemisphere and our days will be longer. These patterns in nature are a reminder that everything changes, renews and grows.

Even as the trees sit bare and snow covers the ground, new life is already preparing for spring. As designers and as business owners, we take great joy in watching those changes and patterns emerge. Not only do we find design inspiration in nature and in all the seasons, but that renewal is a great metaphor for our own evolution and growth.

Après Creative experienced an incredible year in 2016, and we have our amazing clients to thank for that. You are the reason we have interesting work to do that keeps us energized and motivated. As we enter a new year, we are excited to build upon the growth and momentum from the past year. We look forward to new challenges and new projects in 2017.

As you take time to renew and recharge over the holidays with family and friends, we know you are also looking toward the new year and what it will bring. We wish you growth, new and exciting work, and balance. We also look forward to continued partnership with you next year and beyond.

So, thank you. We close out this year with a lot of gratitude in our hearts. We thank our families and friends for their incredible support, and we wish you all the very best of the season.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

~Kim, Pauline and Sara

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Sara Bess