What We’re Loving in Design in 2017


Design in 2017 is getting back to its roots

As designers, and as people, we consider ourselves pretty grounded, so the current design trends that combine earthiness with modern flair really speak to us. Here’s what we’re loving in design in 2017:

Organic Meets Urban

There’s something invigorating about plants and living things, but many urban dwellers have had to do without these elements for a long time. Not so in 2017. Property developers and managers are heeding people’s inherent need for green things by incorporating organic elements into apartment environments. From rooftop community gardens to this living wall outside a New York City condo, plants are in. (Mother Nature is thinking, “Well, duh!”)

That building design trend is finding its way into graphic design as well. Pantone declared “Greenery” the 2017 color of the year, and we’re noticing brands shifting away from grays and blacks to embrace more colors found in nature. In addition to shades of green, vivid sky blues, raspberry pinks and tulip oranges are showing up in logos and websites more often.

Check out the logo and color palette we created for multifamily brand, Alister. There’s nothing gray or buttoned up about this branding.

Handmade and Hand-drawn

Handcrafted goods have seen a bit of a renaissance in recent years, and design that evokes a feeling of that personal, artistic touch is very now.

We mentioned San Francisco’s street art culture in a recent blog post, and some of that grit and edginess is also making its way into this handmade trend. Street artists each have a recognizable style and key elements. As designers, we strive to give our clients that little extra something that can become a kind of personal signature.

The logo we developed for Esprit, a multifamily property in central Denver, uses movement and organic lines to express this brand’s personality and the vibrant lifestyle of this community.

Casual/Sophisticated Balance

A lot of brands in 2017 want to convey high-end luxury, but don’t want to risk coming across as stuffy and too old-fashioned. We love this particular design challenge, because it involves combining different visual elements that say classy, but comfortable – a lot like a perfect pair of dark-wash jeans.

Our work for luxury multifamily brand, Modera, shows off this balancing act nicely. Its brand color palette features rich, royal tones. The photography focuses on luxury and culture, and the soft lines of its new logo express its accessibility.

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