How a website refresh can impact business

First impressions count; make yours a good one

Here’s every multifamily property manager’s dream: A well-qualified renter types “amazing, beautiful apartment homes near me” into a search box and your site pops up; the prospective renter loves everything he sees and sends in an application on the spot.

Here’s the sad reality for too many properties: Your prospect clicks on your site, rolls her eyes (at best) or gasps in horror, quickly hits the “back button” and disappears into the ether. Wah wah.

Now, go take a look at your website. Really look, and try to forget that you’re seeing in for the umpteenth time. Better yet, have a friend take a look. What are your potential renters seeing when your site loads? Outdated, garish colors? Confusing menu options? Pages and pages of text? No property photos? Any one of these things could make the difference between a hot lead and a completely turned-off prospect.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of your potential residents will see your website long before they walk into your leasing office. Your website is your new lobby, and you want people to feel invited inside, warm and welcome. You want them to get a sense of your property’s culture, and you want them to envision life in your community.

So, how do you achieve that dream? Here are a few key elements that every modern website should feature:

  • Strong images. People respond immediately to visual cues, and the images on your site tell your story long before visitors read a single word. Your images should be beautiful, aspirational and impactful.
  • Clear messaging. It is tempting to dump every bit of information on your home page, but your prospects don’t need the whole story up front. They need a strong, simple message that gives them cues about your brand and what life will be like at your property.
  • Simple navigation. Make it easy for people to find what they are looking for on your site. Too many menus will send them on a wild goose chase.
  • Modern colors. Your website colors should fit your brand, but they should also feel like they came from this decade. Retro can be cool, but even retro brands need a modern touch (think more “New Girl” and less “Golden Girls”).

You don’t necessarily need a complete overhaul; a website refresh is often plenty for many businesses. It’s likely that you already have a strong handle on your brand (and, if you don’t, we know a few gals who can help!), but just need a little help repackaging your web content so it better represents you.

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Sara Bess