Re-emerging and Reconnecting: Looking Ahead to 2021

Looking ahead to 2021 with renewed spirit

Like many of you, the Après team has spent the past several months in hunker-down mode. We have used that time to focus on our work, but also to reconnect with our values as individuals and as a creative agency. As we emerge from that time of focused reflection, we are looking ahead to 2021 with a sense of hope and restored energy. 

With only three weeks left in what has been a challenging year for everyone, we choose to focus on what’s in our control. We’re looking for silver linings and opting for optimism. 

Even through the months of challenge, we have enjoyed some truly bright spots. 

The big reveal

Drum roll, please … 

One of the major projects we tackled during the summer and fall months now waits for its adoring fans. We completely overhauled our website, and we can’t wait for you to see it. It reflects our company culture and showcases the work – and the clients – we love so much. 

As a branding and design firm, we wanted our site to give clients a first taste of the work we do: crafting strategy and marketing campaigns that tell a unique brand story for each client. That story begins with a beautiful, functional website and extends to every client touchpoint. 

Take a look!

new website

Reaching out 

While we have reveled in (so very much) quality time with our lovely families, we have sorely missed seeing adults outside our own homes – especially our awesome clients and the incredible cities and towns they represent. 

We still can’t hop on a plane just yet, but trust that we will reach out in any way possible. Chatting with smart adults and sharing creative energy and ideas keeps the three of us humming. 

Heck, we’ll probably stage a complete modern dance production when we can see you in person. Ok, maybe not, but we will sure enjoy raising a glass with you (beer or coffee, your call). Air clinks, if necessary. 

Bottom line, we cannot wait to develop new ideas and to help our clients’ brands evolve and thrive in 2021. The multifamily landscape has changed in some significant ways this past year, but we are ready to rise to that challenge alongside you. 

Ready to make a splash

Well, shoot, why did we write that header? Now we’re dreaming of beach vacations again. Sigh. 

Even without an ocean to inspire us and a pool to dive into, we greet 2021 with hope and enthusiasm. We of course are so grateful that we are healthy, as are our families, and we will start a new year with that attitude of gratitude. 

The introspection that 2020 {cough, cough} “gifted” to each of us allowed us to reconnect and recommit to what really matters. In our case, that means helping our clients deliver on the all-important promise of HOME and everything that means for people. 

Our clients provide their residents with security and safety, a sense of community, a reliable and enjoyable place to work, live and play – more so than ever. Our job is to help you tell that story and reach the people who will feel most at home in your property. We take that mission very seriously, and we can’t wait to do more good work with you in the year ahead. 

Ready to make an impact with your multifamily brand? Reach out to us to start the conversation. We would love to collaborate with you to create something special.

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Sara Bess