Inspiration at Home: What We’re Reading, Watching and Doing Lately

Our work benefits from inspiration at home

We are less than a week into November and Denver has already posted single-digit and teen temps and dumped snow – twice. The kids wore parkas for Halloween again this year! We’re moving into hunker-down mode, and we’ll spend a lot of time during the cold months finding inspiration at home.

(But, hey, clients: If any of you want to ship us to, say, Miami or Tahiti, we won’t complain too hard.)

So, here’s a peek into what’s keeping our home fires burning this month:


We’re reading “The Woman in the Window” for my book club (and, yes, we do actually read the book!).

I am also doing some serious Netflix binging. I just finished Workin’ Moms and started Shameless: I’m hooked!

On the home design front, I just finished a months-long makeover extravaganza and finished all three of our kids’ rooms. Now everyone has their own space, custom paint and beds that can actually support their body weight. Through this process, I’ve mastered the IKEA shortcut paths and can get in and out in 15 minutes flat.


Adult Sitting RoomGreat minds think, and binge-watch, alike: I am also watching Workin’ Moms on Netflix, as well as some documentaries.

I went a little wide-eyed optimist and re-outfitted a room in my house à la Room and Board (aka adult sitting room, no shoes or food allowed!). Heaven. We’ll see how long that lasts.

I also spend an inordinate amount of time guessing which animal my three-year-old is pretending to be (it changes every 5 mins). We’re also nursing our geriatric cat who has kidney disease, which definitely means more time relaxing at home to be there for her.

So, overall, my current theme is practicing patience and a love for all things in the present moment. You just never know when things will fly in and out of your life.


Reality TVWell, s&@t! I haven’t done anything to update my house lately… I’m really dropping the ball on that.

I just planned a party for my two-year-old and quickly learned that 60 of our closest friends and family canNOT fit comfortably in my house. I’m also working on college applications with my 17-year-old and trying to help her figure out what she wants to do with her life. The birthday party was easier and much less messy.

I watch ALL the shows and have an ever-growing list of media to consume based on friends’ recommendations. My favorites are usually trashy reality TV that makes me feel like maybe my life is really good compared to their drama. My favorites are Real Housewives (all the cities) and anything Bachelor(ette) related. Can’t wait to see what Peter the Pilot has in store for Bachelor Nation. Also, anything on HGTV… watching other people renovate their homes is the first step to doing something with mine, right?

Of course, we’re also working on some great client projects right now, and we look forward to sharing some of that recent work in upcoming blogs. In the meantime, happy November and stay warm out there. Drop us a line if you would like to know more about our multifamily branding and design work.

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Sara Bess