Business Renewal and Growth

With spring comes new life, as well as business renewal and growth

It’s Spring! As a much-needed March snow melts here in Denver, we can see things turning green and new life emerging all around us. This time of seasonal renewal and growth aligns perfectly with our business: We’re celebrating our 5th anniversary this month!

In our five years, we have worked with clients in 33 markets. Our projects have represented 132 multifamily communities, including 56 new developments and 18 redevelopments. We’re astounded when we look back at the volume of work we have tackled in our company’s history. What’s more, we have worked with so many incredible creative partners, and we have had the pleasure of collaborating with some of the smartest and coolest people in the multifamily industry.

As we wrap up our fifth year, and embark on the sixth, we’re in a reflective mood. One of the exercises that has inspired us through the beginning of 2018 is powerful and thoughtful year-in-review, inspired by Marie Forleo.

This exercise prompted us to answer three questions to set our intentions for the year ahead:

What’s one thing you did last year that you’re proud of?

We invested in time for ourselves and our business by partnering with a fabulous business coach Brooke Jean Counseling & Coaching. We solidified our business processes and added structure to our agency in way that felt authentic to us with no signs of bureaucracy and red tape.

We are excited to have all of our processes working like a well-oiled machine so we can serve our clients in 2018.

What’s one mistake you made and the lesson you learned from it?

Not all of our engagements are full of rainbows and unicorns (although a majority of them are). Through some of those more bumpy projects in 2017, we learned that client education around the design process cannot be taken for granted. We will continue to work on honest transparency, communication and education in 2018.

What’s one story you’re willing to let go of in 2018?

This year, we are letting go of the idea we are small fish in a large pond.

In 2017, we put our hat in the ring for big-scoped, strategy-filled, long-term partnerships for new development lease-ups. In all honesty, preparing for these pitches was one of the most overwhelming tasks we have taken on to date, but it ignited a spark within us to dive a little deeper into the pond.

This season of renewal has given us a boost of positive energy! We are so excited for year six, and we feel ready to take on the world!

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Sara Bess