Branding’s Role in Multifamily Development

A case study in how branding can ease the multifamily development process

Creating a brand strategy at the beginning of a multifamily development process informs all aspects of the project – from signage to art installations.

Our work on the Clovis Point development in Longmont, Colorado, illustrates this idea beautifully. Branding answers some key questions and helps guide decisions throughout all phases of a project. 

We were thrilled to have the chance to tour Clovis Point in 2020 (with masks, of course). We had collaborated with McWhinney on branding for the multifamily destination since 2017, and  we felt so inspired to see this three-year journey come to life.

The property itself became the embodiment of the brand: wild, natural beauty combined with simplicity and craftsmanship. Our team swooned over how McWhinney and its partners applied the brand strategy to so many aspects of the development.

Why Brand Early

Early involvement with development and marketing teams is Après Creative’s sweet spot, and hearing the developers’ early vision informs all aspects of the brand strategy. That strategy includes everything from colors, textures and signage to art selection for community spaces throughout the property.

In the case of Clovis Point, McWhinney has a passion for including incredible artwork in its projects. Our early involvement allowed the art to tie in seamlessly with the brand’s visual identity and position. 

Addressing each stage of the development with an eye toward branding allows stakeholders to make strategic choices along the way. A strong brand encompasses a deep understanding of the target audience, and the final product will speak to that audience on a gut level. 

Choosing the Perfect Name 

The Clovis Point name is rooted in ancient history. Modern-day Longmont was first inhabited 15,000 years ago by a mysterious and wildly resourceful people called Clovis. They lived in harmony with the landscape, which provided the natural materials for their beautifully crafted arrowheads. These world-renowned arrowheads are now known as Clovis Points, and the prehistoric pioneers who create them set the stage for a lifestyle that blends natural wonder with an artisan state of mind.

Taking the lead from the naming history, McWhinney’s art partner Nine dot Nine curated beautiful installations of Clovis points throughout the clubhouse. Not only are they visually stunning, but it’s also quite possibly the best connection to a brand strategy we have seen in multifamily.

Modern Mountain Brand Positioning

From the beginning, the Clovis Point brand vision sat at the intersection of a cozy mountain getaway, Scandinavian design sensibilities and a love for Colorado’s great outdoors. The light and airy clubhouse has just the right amount of soft textures that make you want to curl up by the fire on a snowy afternoon. 

Our branding playbook for the property focused on creating delightful moments for residents. These moments give a multifamily community that “just right” feel for people when they step foot on the grounds. A feel that says in a comforting voice, “Welcome home. We’ve been waiting for you.”

We used a topographic map pattern as a central part of Clovis Point’s visual identity system to connect the property to its location and the outdoor lifestyle its residents seek. The pattern makes an impactful appearance on the property’s signage package, floor plan display, and creative art pieces depicting some of Colorado’s famed peaks.

Transformative Partnerships

As with most of our projects, creativity, thoughtfulness and collaboration with brilliant people creates the momentum to move an idea from concept to reality. When we have the chance to rise to the challenge of creating delightful design that perfectly reflects a client’s vision, we come alive. When we can see that fruits of that labor live and in-person, there’s no better feeling. 

And it’s a pure state of bliss to see our clients take our brand strategies to the next level, as McWhinney has done so well with Clovis Point.

Want to know more about the value of involving a multifamily branding agency early in the development process? Reach out to us to start the conversation that can bring your vision to life.

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