Marketing multifamily with local flair

Think local when marketing multifamily

Potential renters want to feel like they are part of something bigger when they shop for a new home. Luxury everything is standard issue in today’s apartment landscape, and multifamily developers and operators need to tap into their creative juices to create unique and inspiring spaces that celebrates each neighborhood’s local flair. Marketing multifamily well means understanding the local community.

Local Design

Even national multifamily companies with properties in multiple states can use local flair to their advantage. Your properties all might have a similar look and feel from state to state, but you can infuse some unique local elements. Your property in Austin might feature music and barbecue, while your Denver community highlights the mountains and craft beer.

The key here is to understand each market and its residents. What makes a city unique is often a big reason why people choose to live there, so use those characteristics to make people feel like a part of that scene. If a property feels like it could be dropped into any city, anywhere, it’s probably time to add a little local flair.

Local Marketing

In addition to using local elements in your interior design, use them strategically in your marketing as well. Position your property as a living, breathing part of its surrounding community. Your property is not simply a building in a neighborhood: It is the catalyst to connecting residents with the lifestyle they seek.

Think creatively. Sure, you have beautiful units you want to show off with stunning photography, but what happens when residents walk out their front door? What foods, sounds, sights and smells will they encounter in their local area? From the coffee roaster on the corner to the fog settling in over the Golden Gate bridge, each place evokes a different set of emotional responses.

Use your website and marketing materials to tell that local story. Help potential renters get in tune with your property’s lifestyle long before they schedule a tour. Photos, videos, word choice and even colors and fonts can help convey your unique local angle.

Connect Locally

In addition to using local elements in your property design and multifamily marketing materials, connecting with local organizations can be a great way to reach potential renters. Business organizations, sports clubs, art groups and more can be great places to advertise and spread the word about your community. This article outlines several ideas for how to connect on a local level.

Create Buzz

local marketing multifamily
You want to inspire the community to notice you and to talk about you. A great example of positive buzz comes from our client, West Line Flats. The property commissioned mural painter Giuseppe Percivati to add some original art to its new development in Lakewood, Colorado. Dubbed the ‘Lakewood Lion’ by locals, the piece brings energy and personality into the property’s social space and the surrounding neighborhood.

We help our clients tell compelling visual stories about their multifamily properties. To learn more about marketing multifamily with Après Creative, contact us.

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