Digital or traditional marketing?

Should you invest in digital or traditional marketing when rebranding?

When rebranding your property, a smart marketing strategy is an important component. To ensure that your target audience sees and understands your new brand, do you opt for digital or traditional marketing?

You might have guessed that our short answer is, of course, both. Targeted multifamily marketing is best executed through both online (digital) and print (traditional) channels. However, there are a few advantages to each that can help you determine how to reach the right balance and get the best bang for your buck:

Traditional marketing advantages

Traditional marketing includes approaches like point-of-purchase (POP) campaigns, magazine advertising and brochures. These channels offer the following benefits:

  • Larger format. In many cases, traditional marketing materials give you a bit more real estate for telling your story with high-quality images and more in-depth text.

  • Tactile. Holding a marketing piece allows your audience to experience your brand up close, and they can take their time reading and absorbing the details.

  • More memorable. A study using eye-tracking technology showed that print marketing is often easier to understand and more memorable for readers.

  • Targeted. With POP advertising, for example, you can place your materials in locations that fit your demographic. Rack cards in restaurants and shops that cater to your audience are a great way to reach a targeted group.

Digital marketing advantages

Of course, one of the big downsides to traditional marketing is cost. It can be expensive to print beautiful pieces on nice paper stock and/or pay for postage. However, cost is not the only reason to include digital marketing in your rebranding efforts. Consider these benefits as well:

  • Wide reach. Social media and other online channels have the potential to reach a much larger audience for a lower cost.

  • Flexibility. As your brand changes and evolves, so can your digital marketing efforts. You can make nearly real-time adjustments online while print marketing is much more fixed.

  • Conversations. One huge benefit to digital marketing is that it can open up two-way communication with your audience. Traditional marketing only allows for a push, while digital can create a dialogue.

  • Immediate feedback. With digital marketing, you can measure engagement right away. You will know which messages and which approaches are connecting with your audience and which ones aren’t.

The foundation

Of course, in order to execute a successful marketing campaign, you need to have a great brand in the first place. Your logo, color story, taglines and core messages all play a huge role in how your audience perceives your property and your brand.

Working with a skilled design team lays the foundation for your marketing success, whether you opt for digital or traditional marketing.

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Sara Bess