Delivering Experience: Marketing to Renters

When marketing to renters, think about their experience at every touchpoint

Choosing the right home in the right location can create an enormous amount of stress and confusion, but you can help make it more enjoyable for your potential residents. When marketing to renters, you must view each touchpoint from their perspective and deliver an experience – not just facts.

Emotion drives renters as they choose their next home. Your audience wants to experience a

taste of the lifestyle your community offers, and you have many opportunities to provide that across your multifamily marketing channels.

Website and Virtual Tours

We discussed the Après Customer Journey in our last post, which includes the following phases in a renter’s decision-making process: dream, hone, explore, commit and get comfy.

When we design a new website for any multifamily client, our goal is to move people from the dream (imagining the possibilities) to exploring the community. A thoughtfully designed website that tells a strong brand story can do just that. Think of your website as an extension of your leasing office. Take care that your customers feel as welcome visiting your website as they do touring an apartment in person.

Two features go beyond static website content and help convince prospects to visit your property:

  • Interactive e-brochures. Not only do these brochures provide a green alternative that appeals to many consumers, they can include video and other interactive elements that bring your property to life for a customer.

  • Virtual tours. The next best thing to an in-person visit, a virtual tour helps renters envision life in your community. Feature these on your website and share them heavily on social media.

Elevating a renter’s online experience can help prompt them to take the next step and contact you for a live tour.

Leasing Office

Ideally, once a potential renter enters your leasing office, they will already have a good idea of what your brand represents. However, the on-site experience can make or break the deal. Your leasing staff must carry the baton and move the prospect to the next phase of his or her journey.

Attention to detail can send the message to visitors that they are welcome and belong here. Everything in your leasing office should support your brand story, including:

  • Staff appearance. Consistent wardrobe will tell renters in an instant what vibe to expect from your property.

  • Office design and decor. Your leasing office should reflect your property’s atmosphere.

  • Consistent messages. Well-trained staff will greet visitors with a friendly demeanor and be able to deliver brand messages in an authentic way.

Buyers’ experience with your leasing staff will give them an idea of your brand’s commitment to customer service and how they will be treated as a community resident.

Resident Experience

When residents move in, and throughout their time in your community, remember that they should play a big part in your marketing efforts.

Consider how you can reach this audience with:

  • Move-in essentials

  • Regular resident events

  • Resident communication program (emails, texts, etc)

Happy residents will reward you with positive online reviews, referrals to friends and family – and, of course, lease renewals. It pays to pay attention to them.

To learn more about the Après Customer Journey and developing a lease-up strategy, download our free ebook. If you need help developing a complete multifamily branding and marketing plan, contact us.

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